Thursday, August 11, 2016

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

5!! 5 Months for Jolie!

5!!!! Months my sweet girl! How did this happen?! 

Okay so you didn't grow that much hair, but it's pretty stinking cute! 

You are the happiest baby ever. I mean I know I say that constantly but! For real! I can't get over you! Your smile, your chunky cheeks and thighs! 

This month you have perfected sitting. You could careless about being on your belly.. So I doubt crawling will come anytime soon. You live to sit and play with toys 
Luckily it keeps you pretty occupied! You liv playing with your big sisters and watching them. They get excited when you wake up, but forget about you throughout their day of playtime unless momma goes to feed you then they want in on the action! You LOVE to watch TV. Like, super love! It keeps you entertained to get the girls lunch ready or wash your bottles, etc. You are a drooling machine, your shirts are constantly wet. I guess I should start putting bibs on you all the time now, your bottom teeth are starting to make their way up, you can see its swollen but can't feel the edges of your teeth just yet. 

You were 25 inches long and 15.13 lbs! My chunky babe! You wear 6-9 month clothes and size 3 diapers.. Besides your random yeast infections you get behind your ears, butt and mouth- you are a picture of perfect health. You eat 6 ounces every 3 hours, you are a random napper but you sleep 11-13 hours a night so we can't complain. We get you to bed around 7-8 every night and the up 7-9 in the AM. It's been nice that daddy has been off work for summer to let you get that sleep.

You a re such a happy go lucky babe and we are lucky to have you! We love you to the moon and back babygirl!!

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Potty Training 101.


So funny. I'm definitely no expert. My 2.5 years old still proudly wearing diapers, in cribs, and still sucking on a binky.. (At bedtime that is).. 

The girls are signed up for preschool, 3 days a week,3 hours a day, $300 a month. And it means they have to be potty trained. & the way it was looking is that we were going to have to rescind their application. It wasn't looking good. Andrews last day of school was Thursday.. So no breaks! Friday it was on! And I was scared. Andrew let me sleep in so he didn't bother making them pee in the potty right when they woke up so I woke up around 7. And it was on. We had about 10 or so pairs of underwear not including our training underwear and we quickly realized that wasn't enough. Right off, Ella and Bria had accidents. I knew then it was going to be a long day.. 

Pair of underwear #4.. Lol 

Bria is like her poor mother..pees a TON! 

Throughout the day, she had 5 accidents but used the bathroom abut 10 times successfully. That's a lot of pee. Andrew bravely took them in panties to the accidents. Ella only had one accident allllll day! And peed in the potty about 5 times. We went to the store
For more panties.. Ella picked out marvel.. Which she's never watched. Apparently she has a thing for Spider-Man. I know she's watched spider baby videos on YouTube so. Maybe that's it.

Bria picked out Disney princesses. Shocker.

Bedtime and nap time we we used pull-ups and training pants on top. 

I was overall impressed and exhausted after Day 1. I was extremely nervous for Day Two. I had a baby shower to go too.. 

The girls got up, peed, and put on panties. The next time they had to pee, the both wet their panties but were able stop themselves and finishing the potty. After nap time, the girls peed in the potty and we headed to the shower. I asked them a million times if they needed to pee before hand and they said no. I took their travel potty which they were deathly afraid of, but took it just Incase. 

So it was slightly chaotic. I was mom of the year and grabbed a bottle from my moms bag that she had never used, school was out and I hadn't washed bottles. I get to the party and Feed her and she is choking and its dripping everywhere.. I couldn't figure out what's going on. I looked at the nipple and it was fast flow. Gah. I felt like a terrible mom. 

She eventually sucked it down little by little but it surely didn't satisfy her. So I had to change her clothes. Then Bria wanted to pee, she started out on her travel potty and said nope. So I took all 3 to the potty. Went well, both peed in the potty. 20 minutes later, she went again. And pooped! Ella tried but didn't go. They were fantastic! I was so proud! 

I seriously LOVE spending time with my best friend and her little girl. 

Both Ella and Jolie were infatuated!!!! 

Saturday evening Ella wanted to poop. She was trying and soiled a pair of underwear. She refused to poop In the potty.. She kept saying her belly hurt and she had to poop. Put a diaper on her and bam, she pooped. 
Bria basically likes to play with this thing. Ella was telling her no Bria! 

That's how I feel too Bri Bri! You too are rockstars! 

Monday, May 30, 2016

Happy 4 Months jojo!!

Ah. No idea where my first post went. But, alas. I shall do my best to write it again!

Happy 4 Months you sweet girl!! You could not be any sweeter, sillier or more fun! I've never met a baby as happy as you! I thank God everyday for your sweetness and demeanor, I don't know how I got so lucky to have you as my last baby! 

You are so cute and round! You lost most of your hair admits coming back a few shades lighter.. It reminds me a lot of Brias hair.. Half blonde/half brown. Your eyes are definitely changing.. They will either be hazel or brown. I'm voting for brown!! You are still in a size 2 diaper and have officially moved into only 3-6 month clothes. We aren't sure what you weigh, but I'm guessing about 15 pounds. 

You suck down bottles like it's your job.. Well it pretty much is, so that's good. But those twins were stubborn little babes and wouldn't eat.. Not you girlfriend! 4-5 ounces every 3-4 hours and you don't waste a drop! You are starting to really play with toys, you are great at bringing them to your mouth.. You are really starting to love  your activity center! 

You are also interested in sitting like a big girl. I don't know what that's all about. I mean, you're barely 4'months crazy girl! You love to laugh and be silly, you are a rolling machine! You love bathtime, watching your sisters, sleeping through the night!!!!!, eating your bottles, playing with your activity center and frog seat. You've really started to be more alert while sleeping so you are all nap and all bedtime in your room. We are working on unswaddlig you and transitioning you to the crib since you can roll over like a mad woman. I'm nervous but you've completed every task you've set out to do so garza if we could just get rid of your nasty congestion/runny nose! 

You sleep awesome! We are starting to ge you to bed a tad earlier since you have to wake at 645 to leave for Nanny and Pappys. So bedtime 9-930.. Wake way 6ish -630 to feed you and if we don't have to go to Nannys you go back to sleep.. If you do go to Nannys you are up for a it before you go to sleep then. You wake around 930-10.bottle. Nap 11-1..  Bottle.. Nap 2/215-3/4.. Bottle Nap 5/6-7.. It just varies. Sometimes this nap is longer for whatever reason.. Im guessing the lack of naps at Nannys.. Operation earlier bedtime is going to happen too.. As soon as we figured out this no more swaddling thing. I'm open to ideas!! 

Jolie girl, we love you so so so much. You can brighten anyone's day. You just look at us and grin SO big! Who couldn't love you?! I tell myself and everyone else that asks how I do it with 3 under 2.5 how amazing of a baby you are.. An do mean it! That's how I do it! I love everything about your chunky little face and sparkly dark eyes and that grin that goes on for days! We love you sweet girl and are beyond blessed that you are ours!!!!! Love you to the moon and back pretty thang!!

Thursday, April 28, 2016

We are 1 in 8.

So I had a patient ask me if Jolie was my first child & I responded with no, she's my third- I have a set of twins as well. They said, isn't it amazing how we take that for granted. 

That hit me. Hard. 

No, sir, I don't take them for granted. Does having 3 kids automatically push me out of the grateful group? I can't possibly appreciate the magnitude of life, conception and being able to raise babies when I have 3. Can I? 

Little did he know the struggle that we, as a couple faced --that I face-- that one out of every 8 people they come in contact with face. That 1, was me. 

I responded and said well I don't. It took us a long time to get pregnant with our twins.

I'm sort of sad about my response too, I wish I would have had a better one. 

That man wasn't there every month when I sat on the toilet and cried or went to my bed and quietly cried & Andrew knew better to ask me what the test said because it's happened every month, sometimes twice a month with my cycles. 

That man wasn't there when I completely BROKE, sitting in a room at work finding out not only did I have issues, which we already knew, but my husband had issues too. I felt broken, defeated. That day the devil won. I'll never forget that. 

That man wasn't there when one of my BEST friends, an ultrasound tech, had to tell me, after 2 prior ultrasounds and one where we heard the heartbeat, that I lost my baby. I remember her hesitating and saying she had difficulty finding him, I remember grasping at anything and saying I wasn't laying the exact same way that I was before, let me adjust my hips a little, that surely that was it. I remember breaking down in my husbands arm, crying alone on my bed that day, hyperventilating in a bathroom that day at a wedding. That man wasn't there

That man wasn't there for every pill, shot, ultrasound, written calendar, ovulation test, pregnancy test, every baby item I held on too.

& that man wasn't there when we finally did get a positive pregnancy test, but  infertility has completely RUINED you and you can only be happy just a little knowing nothing is certain. He wasn't there for the worry of a viable pregnancy, then a worry of a twin pregnancy. 

AND he certainly wasn't there when I prayed to God about our family situation. Were we done having kids? We certainly didn't want to go through fertility treatments again, I couldn't be an attentive, functioning parent and cope with those intense feelings again- I knew I couldn't. I struggled so so much. But, you know who was there. 

All along-- GOD. 

God knew my hearts desires, he knew my fears and he completely blew me out of the water and answered our prayers and questions. He answered it for me, when I had been trying to answer it myself for too long.

So yes Mister-- some may, but I sure don't. 

1 in 8 couples struggle with infertility, in many forms. It's something they struggle with internally because it's such a taboo subject. No one wants to talk about it. But, it's time. 

I remember praying to God before the twins, if he was testing me, I was failing. 

I prayed to make my test, a testimony. & it's so is. In the sweetest of ways- in the form of 3 little girls. 

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Photo An Hour: {2.5}year & {3} months

6 AM



{pepperoni roll making} 



{everyone's napping} 




Babies holding babies 


{napping baby} 





{late attempts at her 3 month pics} 


Andrew finished putting Jojo to sleep and I went to bed at 10:03.. & not one little girl made a peep! I felt pretty good when my alarm clock went off at 530 and I got ready for the day! 

Thursday, April 14, 2016

1 Month, 2 Months, 3 MONTHS!

Happy 3 Months to our littlest babe! She is such a joy and the happiest, best baby I've ever met. I know I say this all the time but goodness she is beyond adorable and so smiley- she just makes you want to talk baby to her just to see her entire face light up again! 

This little chunker has learned to bring her hands to her mouth and will swat at the toys in front of her. She just started to hold and grab the toys from her play may too. Which is one of her favorite things! She love to kick the piano and scoots herself all around, so close to rolling overI Think  it's going to happen almost every night! 

You've lost most of your dark hair and it's coming in lighter, just like Bria. You eyes are turning colors and I SWEAR they are going to be brown. I know you may hate it later but I love me some big brown eyes! You are in size 2 diapers and we are transitioning to size 3-6 month olds. Pjs are a must at 3-6 months! I'm going to guess you are close to 13 pounds. You are so chunky, I can't even handle it and your cheeks- I have to squeeze them all the time! It helps that you I've it and it makes you laugh too! Your tickle spots are your cheeks and right below your 2nd chin! You are adorable when you laugh!!!! 

You are still a sleeping ChAMP! You are up to eat at 630AM, back to sleep until 930/10AM, bottle at 10, up for an hour-1.5 hrs. Luckily, I usually can get 30-60 minutes where all 3 of you are sleeping peacefully. The girls get up anywhere fork 12-1, I try to get them fed before you wake. You are back up by 1/130.. Bottle then. You take another short nap, bottle @ 4. We eat dinner at 5/530.. You usually sleep a little bit. Bottle at 7 and you usually sleep 1-2 hours here. Bottle at 9/930 and out by 1030.. Last few days have been before 10! Go us! But you sleep all night then.Most of the time not making a peep. 

You are such a joy and light to us and it's hard to remember life before you with only two. We love you so so much sweet girl. We love you to the moon and back!